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in everything that we do.

BMS School of Architecture (BMSSA) Alumni association has an engaged network of alumni which allows benefiting from the skills and experience of our graduates, by offering their support to our students, to the institution and to each other. Alumni are the representatives of the school in the professional world, exhibiting learnings and skills acquired during their education. They also represent the institutional vision and mission as they carry forward the values embedded in them as students of BMSSA.

The Alumni Association of BMSSA is a voluntary student cell working under the guidance of the Director, Alumni Coordinator and Secretary of the Alumni Association of BMSSA. They act as a bridge between students who have graduated and are still on campus. The alumni contribute to their alma-mater via helping with organising annual events, and other periodic events such as guest lectures, seminars, socially responsible activities etc., Since many graduates work in reputed city practices, it extends institutional access to industry experts via guest lectures and talks. The BMSSA Students' Alumni Association also administers the student - alumni contribution and organises annual farewell programmes for the graduating students.

BMSSA provides the opportunity to the alumni to support our students in placements and help our students to launch their careers. The BMSSA Alumni association is an active network of graduates who always want to give back to the institution through their works. It offers their valuable time to provide career support to our students and this enhances our students’ experience and skills and gives the students a solid ground to start their careers. Our Alumni network is also a source of employment opportunities to the students and often they help our students by getting in contact with various organizations in the city.

BMSSA Alumni Association helps the students to channelize their interests into their available scope of professions and also provide a helping hand in contributing to the open discussion forums with our students. The Association is always on the lookout for new approaches to assist alumni and the institution by providing social, educational professional and placement opportunities.

BMSSA graduates are a strong community of professionals. Several BMSSA graduates have made significant contributions to the architecture profession and other professions alike, taking the name of our institution to new heights. Even after graduating, BMSSA alumni are an important and valuable part of the BMSSA community.

We provide a forum in which BMSSA graduates can connect with each other, maintain ties to the institution, and expand their network. We endeavor to create a support system for students and professionals to connect and network effectively.

As a registered alumnus, one can contribute to student programs and have access to a rich and diverse network of professionals in the design community around the world.


To establish and preserve a link between BMS School of Architecture and its Alumni and amidst the Alumni and with the community at large.


  • To cultivate strong bonds between Alumni, Students and the Institute, to keep alumni informed and establish a growing network facilitating them to remain involved with their alma mater and help shape its future through the BMSSA Alumni Association’s programmes and services.

Objectives :

1. To improve engagement between the Alumni and BMSSA and encourage interaction amongst the Alumni members.

2. To provide and broadcast information regarding the institutions, its graduates, facilities and students to Alumni and to assure that initiatives are developed for the benefit of the Alumni.

3. To secure employment to the Alumni who have recently completed the courses of study and launch into valuable vocation useful to the society.

4. To maintain and foster the interest of the Alma Mater through Alumni engagement in its future and administration.

Pre-Thesis Competition- The Labyrinth Award :

For an architecture student, the thesis semester is by far the most important one. A pre-thesis, therefore, is to help the students prepare for the overwhelming task before them. With this in mind, the alumni association presents the LABYRINTH pre-thesis award.

Much like the Greek hero Theseus, students are presented with a labyrinthine task. Just like how the veritable champion had help to emerge victorious, we would like to offer a helping hand to students to navigate their own labyrinths.

Through this competition, students will get a chance to speak to professionals in the field and some prize money to help them realise their vision.

The review with alumni will also help students to clarify their ideas successfully and find mentors amongst their seniors.

Thesis Competition- The Ship of Theseus Award :

An architectural thesis is unlike the dissertation of any other professional course. It is not merely research and analysis, but an exercise in imagination and application of practical concepts. It is the culmination of the professional course, where students are expected to apply everything they have learnt and produce a comprehensive architectural solution to a problem of their choosing.

To reward excellence and ingenuity in this period of a student's career is crucial, as it gives them that necessary motivation to face the professional world bravely. This is what the Alumni association endeavours to do with the ‘Ship of Theseus’ award for excellence in the dissertation semester. The thesis semester is a journey of discovery and exploration. What a student starts out with, is not necessarily what they end up with, much like the infamous ship.

The Alumni strive to help them along in this journey. They will gain key insights from professionals within the practice that will surely help them in the days to come, as they strike out on their own.