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Director's Message

Dr. Shaila Bantanur

Director & Professor – BMS SA
Member Secretary – BOG BMS SA

BMS School of Architecture, the 8th institution under the very highly reputed BMS Educational Trust has the distinction of being established as an Independent institution in the year 2010. BMSSA is one of the nation’s few architecture schools with a stated mission of educating future generations to be ethical professionals, innovative designers and responsible citizens. The school is committed with its vision of creating a holistic platform for students, enhancing them to prosper in their field of interest.

Education is the means of developing greater abilities to enable critical thinking, inculcate technical as well as moral awareness for the benefit of the individual and society at last. The Experiences gained should impart knowledge, build confidence and bring in compassion for the successful and effective knowledge in all domains.

There should also be an emphasis on learning Indian principles to merge modern cognitive thinking with cultural values so that the students develop a connect with the society both nationally and globally. The Students are prepared to tackle all kinds of difficulties at personal as well as community level.

As I say, Goals without proper plans are just dreams. And a goal with proper planning results in the goal being achieved. For the Institution to function to its best, industrial tie-ups and expert’s interactions will be a key factor for the students to have an idea of the societal needs and demands. Research Collaborations and student -exchange programs have always been my area of interest and my earlier projects emphasize more on these aspects.

BMSSA would also rise for any of such societal needs demanding its interference considering the ongoing situation in the nation. The School will be working on Signing MoU’s with the institutions excelling in field of research and development.

The Faculty and staff have always been instrumental and clinical whatever they aspire to do, which resulted in the school turning out to be what it is today.